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Characters in the Book Thief: Let me Introduce Myself

Hi, my name is Liesel Meminger and boy do I have a story to tell!

You may think I look like a typical German girl living in 1939 because of my blonde hair, dark brown eyes, undernourished figure and coat hanger arms, however I am far from a typical girl.  I am only 9 years old, and have experienced more tragedy than most people do in a lifetime! My younger brother Werner was killed when he was only six, and we were travelling to Munich.  I couldn't believe it was real, and I thought it was all a horrible dream.  I will never forget that cold, miserable day when not long after I had lost my brother, I was torn away from my mother.  I lost everything I ever knew and went to live with strangers in a foreign place.  This tragedy although it sounds horrible, brought me to a passion for literature; my love for books.  It was that very day my brother died that I took a small rectangular black book with silver writing from his burial. At the time it didn't mean anything, because I could not read, but that book was my savior.  This was the beginning of my journey and how I got the name, " The Book Thief."

 I first learned how to read when I was forced to move in with the Hubberman's.  My new home was a town called Molching, where I lived on Himmel Street. My foster father was Hans Hubberman, a tall man who loved smoking cigarettes.  He was friendly and was the person who taught me how to read, even though he only had a fourth grade education.  To most people he was ordinary and not noticeable in a crowd, but to me he was a very special person.  His kind eyes and soft smile made me feel safe, when the world was crumbling around me.  His passion for painting and music inspired me.  I loved listening to him playing the accordion, especially when my foster mother would be barking orders at me.  I called Hans "papa" because he felt like a father to me, but it wasn't easy for me to call my foster mother "mama."  Rosa, my foster mother was a short, squat and bitter woman.  I think she wore her hair in a bun that was a little too tight!  From the minute I met her she was constantly arguing and complaining, which aggravated most people, including me! For being only five feet tall, she sure had a big personality and could talk!  She would argue when there was no one to even argue with.  Rosa always had this angry look in her pale blue eyes and a scowl on her face that left it constantly creased.  She scowled every time she had to wash and iron all the wealthy families clothes.  Rosa scared me, not only because of the way she looked and spoke to me, but also how she acted.  She would beat me with a wooden spoon and then bash Hans for being a painter and not doing any "real" work!  If it wasn't for Rudy and Hans my life on Himmel Street would have been a disaster.

Rudy Steiner was my best friend, a kind boy with lemon colored hair.  Rudy was the boy next door and one of six Steiner children.  He was permanently hungry and considered a little crazy.  At first I wasn't sure about him, but Rudy was persistent. At school he would always find me during breaks and something about his bony legs and gangly blue eyes drew me in.  We became very close and he was my partner in crime!

Partner in Crime??  I am sure you are wondering what that means.  Well continue to read on next time and I will tell you the many reasons why I am "The Book Thief."

Talk to you Later,

In case you are one of those people who can't just read something and imagine what it looks like, take a look at my pictures to see.

Me: The Book Thief
Liesel Meminger

Rudy Steiner:
Rudy Steiner

Hans Hubermann:
Hans Hubermann

Rosa Hubermann:
Rosa Hubermann

The Narrator: Death

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